Stop using Excel to model your CRE cash flows.
Better investment decisions with fewer resources.

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Beek Hill makes it simple to safely share analysis and critical property level information with other professionals in the CRE ecosystem. This results in significantly better understanding, analysis and efficiency.

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Why Choose Beek Hill?


Beek Hill is the only system that improves efficiency by streamlining cash flow operations and analysis, for the CRE community.


Beek Hill increases Efficiency, Control, Visibility, and Accuracy so your staff can be more Productive


Beek Hill enables users to visualize, analyze and optimize property level financials with a robust reporting suite including: Stacking Plans, Tenant Rollover, Market versus Net Effective Rent, Valuation, and Financial Statements

About Us

Beek Hill began with a vision of using emerging technology to bring commercial real estate processes and people closer together. We deliver a seamless platform for sharing property and financial information to all parties smoothly and fluidly. John Sherman founded Beek Hill in 2018 after 25 years working in all facets of the CRE industry. Partnering with senior technologists Darren Milun and Robert Tjia who had built top tier enterprise solutions in Finance and Health Care, they developed a cloud based solution to automate commercial real estate valuation and cash flow modeling. Beek Hill enables you to leave the piles of paper and repetitive labor behind, bringing the CRE industry into the future.